Our Services

  • Import Services

    Import logistics Services:

    We specializes in providing local and global transportation solutions to our customers.

    - Whether you are bringing shipments into China or exporting shipments to other parts of the world, TOPBANG can get it there for you on time. 

    - We have strong relationships with international, national and regional transportation companies for many years, so you can get the most competitive rates and achieve the shortest transit times of importing goods from overseas. 

  • Express

    International Express Services: 

    Choosing our air express services means that you will benefit from-

    -The most flexible and time efficient freight solutions with door to door services between 2-7 days based on your needs.

    - We bring your shipments on time and safely to any destinations in the world.

    - Providing competitive prices for you .

    - Reliable services




  • Air Freight

    International Air Freight:

    Our advantage's airlines are from China to USA, Middle East, Europe, Southeast Asia and Africa etc.

    We have been keeping good relations with EK, TK, EY, SV, BA, AA, PO, UPS, SQ, RU, CA, CZ, PR and some other airlines.

    -Including Airport to Airport, Airport to door, door to door, door to Airport transport services.

    -Air Freight can reduce the total logistics costs for urgent shipments comparing to Express freight.



    广东拓邦国际物流与EK, TK,

  • Ocean Freight

    International Ocean Freight:

    We provide global routes for ocean  shipping by FCL and LCL.

    -Comparing with air freight and rail transportation, the cost of ocean freight is more competitive and is the cheapest international shipping option for long distances. 

    - We provide you with door-to-door ,Port-to-port &Port-to-door services etc

    - With the advantage of the good cooperative relationships of many world-renowned shipping companies such as MSK, MSC, CMA-CGM, APL, OOCL, EM

  • Railway Freight

    -Rail freight is a complementary transportation method especially in countries and continents with long transit times, Routes such as Europe - China - Europe and China - Russia – China etc.

     - Rial transport offers an eco-friendly mode of transportation that is fuel efficient and cost-effective; which is slower but cheaper than airfreight; More expensive but faster than ocean freight.

      - The rail freight might just be the right option for you if the shipments just missed the boat or

  • Customs clearance

    Customs clearance service:

    TOPBANG offers a full suite of global logistics services including fast Customs Clearance, Customs declaration & transport insurance etc. With us, We help you avoid any delays in the clearance process and surcharges.

    -Contact us and we'll evaluate the best option for your shipping needs.

  • Southeast Asia lines

    Southeast Asia Transportation:

    Our Southeast Asia special line logistics covers: Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand, Philippines and other countries.

    - We have the most economical route for you and enable a professional handling.

    -Your shipments can be delivered to you in an average of 3-7days via air, road & sea with door-to-door services and end-end customs clearance services.

    - One-stop logistics services such as pickup, packaging, warehousing, customs clearance

  • Amazon FBA

    Amazon FBA Shipping:

    Making the shipments to the United States/ United Kingdom / Germany and other Amazon warehouses by Air、Express & Sea .

    -Full tracking, Stable transit time-the shipments will be delivered to the warehouses on time and safely.

    -Fast customs clearance etc.


    广东拓邦国际物流提供欧美 亚马逊FBA头程门到门服务,通过FBA海运-美国美森快船双清包税,美国慢船双清包税;FBA空运专线;欧洲铁路的方式将卖家的货物从中国运输到美国,英国,德国,法国,意大利等亚马逊仓库,提供全方位的干线运输及进出口清关等配套服务。

  • Railway Freight

    International Rail Freight:

    Rail freight is a complementary transportation method especially in countries and continents with long transit times, Routes such as Europe - China - Europe and China - Russia – China etc.

     - Rial transport offers an eco-friendly mode of transportation that is fuel efficient and cost-effective; which is slower but cheaper than airfreight; More expensive but faster than ocean freight.

      - The rail freight might just be the right option for you if the shipm

Guangdong Topbang Int's Logistics Co., Ltd. is a global freight forwarder and logistics provider who offers a wide variety of Air & Ocean& Rail Freight solutions for all types of international freight shipments. Our main business scope includes: Global import logistics with door-door services;International Express /Airfreight /Oceanfreight Services;Delivery to door by Sea & by air/Combined rail and road transport ( For Europe and America) ; Southeast Asia and other ASEAN special lines; Customs clearance & goods declaration.

Guangdong Topbang Int's Logistics Co.,Ltd contributing to the competitive advantage of our customers by providing professional、fast、easy、efficient、affordable and safe door-to door shipping services with pick up & Delivery for a wide range of customers both large and small.

Through many years of practical operation, we have accumulated rich experience in freight transportation,With stable, reliable and safe operation network, the integration of domestic and international high-quality logistics resources , and a complete management system, we have won the recognition of customers and  established a long-term cooperative relationship with many domestic & foreign companies.

Guangdong Topbang International Logistics Co., Ltd. Will as always continue to adhere to the operation philosophy of "integrity-oriented, dedicated service; customer first, and common development". Our staff work together as one and strive to forge ahead, promote the modernization and standardization of Our's development, and provide full service to every customer.

Our international logistics service covers the full range of international logistics needs,Please contact us at any time and let us demonstrate our commitment to servicing your needs.



广东拓邦国际物流有限公司为广大进出口企业提供专业、便捷、高效、实惠、安全的国际物流服务。通过多年实践操作,我们积累了丰富的货运经验,凭着稳定、可靠、安全的运营网络、国内外优质物流资源的整合 、以及完善的管理制度,深得客户认可,并与国内外多家企业建立了长期的合作关系。


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